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Help with your tip.

Dear whistleblower,

You are on the digital platform AdvoWhistle in the whistleblower system of the JAEGER Group.

This platform allows for you to communicate indications of criminal acts or serious misconduct in a particularly protected and anonymous way routed through the law firm Bette Westenberger Brink, acting as ERICH JAEGER’s confidential counsels.

As an enterprise operating internationally, the JAEGER Group has anchored its obligation to act responsibly and lawfully. In its Global Code of Conduct and Ethics is a binding guideline, to be observed in daily dealings with each other, customers and business partners.

Serious violations of rules and laws result in financial losses and endanger the reputation of the JAEGER Group. Help us to uncover violations and complaints as early as possible and thus to keep damage at a minimum.

The JAEGER Group is committed to protecting whistleblowers and those affected.

We assure that a whistleblower who acts in the conviction that his or her account is true will not suffer any disadvantages. Conversely, it is a serious breach of the rules if our whistleblower system is deliberately misused for untruthful allegations. The presumption of innocence applies to those affected by a report as long as the alleged violation has not been proven.

We do not tolerate discrimination against or pressure on a whistleblower. Such behaviour may result in consequences under labour law.
Christian Faber
Christian Faber
Vertrauensanwalt, Rechtsanwalt und Fachanwalt für Bank- und Kapitalmarktrecht
Mina Cho
Mina Cho
Vertrauensanwältin, Rechtsanwältin
Stephanie Kappen
Stephanie Kappen
Vertrauensanwältin, Rechtsanwältin und Certified Chief Compliance Officer
Your tips will be received and processed exclusively by our lawyers of confidence specified here. As independent lawyers, they are professionally bound to secrecy vis-à-vis the authorities and all third parties and treat your information on our behalf with absolute confidentiality. Your identity will always be protected. Even when providing your name, your identity will only be disclosed to the JAEGER Group if you, as the whistleblower, expressly agree to the disclosure of your name. The contents of the reported issue will also only be disclosed if you expressly give your consent to the confidential counsels. The lawyers of confidence will treat your tips strictly confidentially.

Bette Westenberger Brink Rechtsanwälte PartGmbB
Grosse Langgasse 1A, 55116 Mainz, Germany,
personally and confidentially by e-mail and telephone as indicated below
If you click on the button "SUBMIT NOTE", you will be taken to our registration form in the next step. There you will find a pre-selection of reporting categories. You have to select a category by clicking on it or mark the option "I am looking for the advice of a trusted person" in order to classify your tip thematically. Once you have made your selection, you will be asked to provide all the information required to process the report. You will find selection fields and free text fields; mandatory fields are marked with an *. You end the note submission by clicking the button "SEND NOTE". At this moment the tip is recorded, an anonymous mailbox is automatically set up for you and the access data is immediately displayed. You can download them, save them via QR code or copy them to the clipboard. How much time you need to submit the notice depends on the amount of content you want to communicate via the unlimited free fields. If the text is of average length, it will take no more than 5 minutes. Through which the confidential counsels remain in anonymous dialogue with you. By using the mailbox regularly, you help to clear up the tip in the best possible way.

Thank you for your support!
Attention: The whistleblower system must not be misused to deliberately provide false or defamatory information. 
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How our whistleblower system protects you
  • The system is like a locker, accessible from two sides.
  • Your details and files are transmitted encrypted.
  • We do not collect and receive any data for your identification.
  • A technical tracing to you is not possible.